Networking & Data Comm.

Networking and Data Communication

Since founded, QuadraTech achieves partnership with the leading technology vendors specialized in networking & data communication solution, focusing on delivering the up-to-date networking & data communication solution, & considered as one of the foremost integrators in Egypt.

QuadraTech’s technical designers and installers have the ability to provide customers - small, medium or enterprise- with a wide range of networking & data communication solutions which improve & extend their business. Infrastructure Cabling & Intelligent Infrastructure Cabling solutions , both copper and fiber cabling with performance ranges 1G, 10G, 40G and coming 100G solutions.

Borderless solution, which links applications, users, & end-point devices with operational processes & the network. Data Center solutions, which provide a continuously-operating to the flow, processing & storage of business-critical information.

Collaboration solutions, with a wide portfolio:  IP Communication, Telepresence, Conferencing, Messaging, customer care, Mobile application & Enterprise social software.